may, 2021

mayLost Puppy.Last seen on Atlantic Blvd. and University Dr., outside Shopping Plaza.
Please Call us at any time to 954-000-0000.
$50 reward.
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This is a lost and found event created for the sole purpose of demonstration. Understand this information is dummy and it will be erased/replaced after Lime Bay at Tamarac Phase III has a good grip of this tool. Important: You need to select the “Lost and Found” category at the right to properly publish this post.

Why tagging your car can help:
Tagging car windows isn’t just for graduations and homecoming events! Use your car, and your friends cars (with permission) to advertise widely. Since the area a lost dog can cover varies, using your car as a mobile flyer will help cover more ground than traditional methods. You should always have a supply of flyers handy to hand out to people or shops.

How to tag your car:
Depending on the window and model of car, you will have between 2-3 lines to get vital information out. Don’t crowd the window to the point that you cannot see through it or the words are illegible. The main information you want to convey is breed/description of your dog, location (city, neighborhood, county, etc.) and your phone number. Not everyone will know dog breeds, so description should be based on features. For example; think white and fluffy with bushy curled tail instead of Samoyed. The goal is to be noticed by as many people, so your best bet is to go with neon colored window markers. Different brands vary in price and quality, but most big box stores have them ranging in price from $3-$10 each. You can use different colors to separate the main points of information so they each stand out and don’t blend together. Since you want your tagged car to be noticed and memorable, your letters should be large enough to be read from up close and from afar. Aim for about 4” tall, anything smaller is at risk for not being easy enough to read. Some people might take pictures of your ‘flyer’ and you want to make sure everything is clear and legible. If you have space you can include a color photo of your dog. Make sure the face and body are shown clearly and the photo is as large as you can make it, filling a standard 8.5”x11” sheet is ideal, however if your car does not have enough space on the rear window, consider putting the photo on a side window or on the side of the car with magnets. Always make sure your view is not obstructed while driving and the photo is in a plastic sheet protector so it cannot be damaged by weather.

Regarding weather:
Check the packaging of your markers to ensure they will be able to withstand rain, especially if tagged words will be affected by a wiper blade. You should always check that everything is still solid and visible before driving. You wouldn’t want the person who spots your dog to be unable to contact you because they couldn’t read a few numbers or letters.

Removing the tag:
Since these markers are made for windows, they are easily removed with regular window cleaner and rags. Make sure to use rags that you don’t mind discarding as most markers will stain the rag.

One last thing:
Don’t forget to check with your local police station to ensure that tagging is allowed, and what is permitted.





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  • vcoronel
    Posted at 13:31h, 31 May

    I think I saw your pet. Two kids playing on the street between McNab and University drive had him playing bone and eat.

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